domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015


Abhorrer Copulae Decimator
Split tape 2015
Lim. to 150 pro copies

Side A
1.         Nameless Tomb - Intro - Excruciating Moaning Beneath the Coffin      
2.         Nameless Tomb - To Bear Dead Piglets          
3.         Nameless Tomb - Rotten Juices Sloshing Around My Mutilated Corpse               
4.         Nameless Tomb - Orgy In Red 
Side B
5.         Demonomancer - Christ Mary Horny Stench      
6.         Demonomancer - Christ Anal Insemination Ritual        
7.         Demonomancer - Molesting Holy Dead flesh        
8.         Demonomancer - Degenerated Satan's Semen   

"Order of the Black Cum"
Tape 2014

produced on Repulsive Evil Productions

Limited to 66 copies on std tape
In stock last copies here

1.         Invoking the Rectal Birth of Christ
2.         Black Candles Inside the Rotten Virgin Mary Pussy
3.         Sucubo Archaic Dominant
4.         Twisted Unholy God's Rectum

viernes, 27 de diciembre de 2013

limited to 200 copies

Bestial alleigeance of Cum, Blood and Semem is here
Stay out , Don´t buy this split
It´s too much for you faggot 
but if your have the Horns and worms
contact here:

martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

Out Now !!!!!!
Split 7”Ep
Canonizing the Inmortus/Black Revelations
On Repulsive Evil Productions
Repulsive Noise Filth & Darkness
Shall Fall Unto the shity wolrd wide scene
3 hymns per side/band
Plus individual inserts and covers
Limited to 200 copies
All orders purchased here will include a Demonomancer
Beer oppener copies will arrive in some weeks
Evil contact:
But now you can contact

domingo, 21 de julio de 2013

DEMONOMANCER  Ritualize Bestial Death Black Metal since midle MMXII when
 3 Invocation/Hymns were recorded in a four track tascam like the Old times to evoke the real forces of Evil Unleashed his Poisonus Tongues... to  evokes  War...!
And  to   Worship SATHANAS Glorification.......!

Those tracks one (penis)introduction in Christ Mary´s  Vagina and an Outro Represents the DEMONOMANCER Demo MMXIII  first     evoked as a promo only 20 copies   made some  ones  including  diferent  intros  and  alternate  mixing tape and later pro-pressed and  Unleashed by BESTIAL DESECRATION Records and Available NOW   !!!!


Ugly Black Death metal in the vein of old Beherit, Sadistik Exekution, GoatVulva,
Old Impaled Nazarene
Raw and pure Analogue tape mastered Sound
 no Digital mixing.
 Not for imposters weaks worshipers of
norsgay metal….

Limited to 66 copies
First 12 includes a poster
Ummpure stolen Holy Shit !!!!

Red Version (includes poster) Us $ 10.- + shipping
Black version Us $ 6.66 + shipping

Band Contact :


 Flyer Of the promo tape 2013 spreading like 20 copies only.......!  Sold out !!!     Fuck Off......!